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Commission Processing - Blending

Our blending line provides us the flexibility of combining up to 20 different components in a uniform manner for blends weighing between 5,000 to 50,000 lbs. Each component is introduced into our series of 5 feedboxes and is then conveyed into the first of two blending bins. After the fiber passes thru the 1st blending bin it is passed thru our 12 bar mixing picker before being carried thru our hump-magnet to remove any metal contamination. The fiber is then discharged and accumulated in our 2nd blending bin where it is gently tumbled numerous times thus completing the blending process. After this tumbling process, the fiber passes thru an incline cleaner to assist in removing any dirt and or unwanted vegetable matter contamination. After going thru the incline cleaner the fiber passes thru a series of duct work where the fiber goes thru a “mechanical baffle system” which removes any large pieces of fiber and or heavy foreign matter that might have been present in the unblended components. Finally, the fiber is then passed thru enclosed duct work to an electronic metal detection system where any metal contamination that is present is discharged thus leaving fully blended and contamination free fiber to be press packed into bales which can weigh between 500 to 800 lbs. depending upon the customer’s request.

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