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Commission Processing - Pulling

Fiber is introduced into the pulling/opening line by means of a LaRoche Robot bale breaker. This unit loosens the fiber from the compressed bales and facilitates in pre-blending the fiber prior to opening. The fiber then passes thru 2 Pierett Guillotine cutters equipped with electronic metal detection devices which provides the flexibility of achieving desired cut lengths of the fiber from 1 to 8 inches long and is free from metal contamination prior to opening. After the fiber has been cut to the determined length, it is introduced into a LaRoche Super Europ 1.5 meter pulling machine. The fiber is then passed thru a series of cylinders which have progressively higher pin populations, ranging from 25,000 to 105,000 pins to achieve the optimum results of open recycled fiber for our customer’s needs. After the fiber is opened to customer specifications it is delivered thru a fully enclosed duct work system to our baling center where it is packaged, inspected and inventoried.


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